I have participated in many professional development programs and read countless books but have never had anything like the same alignment with such huge ideas and with such clarity. The stages of the ACS were like a journey for me, layering a deeper understanding of my responses to life and began the unraveling of secrets hidden away in my ‘life purpose’ cocoon. Now it feels like the missing part of my life’s jig saw puzzle is in place and the fit is perfect.–Bonnie Sleep, QLD

I believe the four sessions I had with you saved our marriage. You made me have a closer look at myself, as I had forgotten my self worth and our discussions built back up my self esteem so that I was able to have an understanding of who I am and my relationships with all around me, in my world. I came back home to me and am functioning now at a much more efficient and effective pace. You took a load off my shoulders in so many ways. Thank you Bojan.–Gayle Sedgman Wade, QLD

Bojan has been an important Milestone in my Personal Development Journey. He was the very first teacher that raised my Awareness of the importance of knowing and living our Life Purpose. Bojan is highly Intuitive, Dedicated and Kind. He has Love and Wisdom. Bojan is an Amazing Coach for Life Transformation. I highly recommend the experience. Thank you Bojan.–Dr Marcia Becherel, MD, PhD, QLD

Bojan Schianetz provided my family and me with one-on-one in-depth emotional support work.  I was greatly impressed with his intuitive abilities and the results that we got.  I noticed differences in myself immediately, and within my family members, as we underwent treatment sessions with Bojan.  Thank you Bojan for what you've done for us.–Mike N,QLD